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We have 2 phones on a family plan for past 4 years for $120/ month, 2 GB data, unlimited text and calling. So my step daughter wants to add her brand new Galaxy S6 to our plan which according to our plan in and additional 45/ month. Well my wife went into the Rogers store and the sales rep was began to spew technical stuff at my wife about programs and plans and saving this way and that way. My wife, said "I don't know what all that means, will it lower my monthly bill?" the sale rep replied yes it will be cheaper. Still confused my wife asked me to look into the details before we signed up to continue our plan.

So I wanted a new phone as one of our tabs was complete. and my daughter wanted a new phone too, both a Galaxy S6. So we go to write up the phones get them out out their boxes and begin looking at them. I decided to confirm "all" the costs associated with getting her on the plan and renewing our contract before we went further. Which was a good thing. The sales rep forgot to mention that our old plan no longer exists so we would have to start a whole new one because these new phones are PREMIUM PHONES and cant be added to our old plan? The rep could not answer me why the phones are premium phones even though the new S6 has no more added network features or demands on the network that the four year old S3 LTE's. They just cost the most of all the phones, that must be the premium part.....JUST A CASH GRAB EXCUSE TO FOR A MORE EXPENSIVE PLAN.

Looking a the numbers: the new plan with 2 GB data and all same features cost the same 90/month as our old plan(for 1 phone) then 60 for the second and 50 for every additional after that. So now were looking at 90+60+50 = 200/month for 3 phone(numbers) I asked the rep how was this new plan saving any money. She swore it was but could not explain exactly how. In fact if my daughter gets her own plan for 65 (she used very low data) and we stay with our old plan then we would be saving. $15/month. Rep had no response.

In addition my wife's phone was the one due for renewal so we were going to get the new phone under her phone number and give it to me. So they said because I have outstanding tab on my phone that there would be an additional $50 to transfer. This is how Rogers treats its long term customers....Customer retention was unwilling to make any concessions to any of of the fees or rates. We they have lost a customer.

It deplorable that as a consumer who was ready to pay a "discounted rate" for 2 phones on a tab totaling over over $500 cash and $790 (tab) is expected to pay $200/month to use the phones. On top of having to get new accounts because the phones are "premium" Such a cash grab and I look forward to the day when Rogers and the other cell monopolies fall in Canada. I look forward to my last six month s with Rogers as when all the tabs are up we will be seeking a new provider.

This person wrote the review because of pricing issue of rogers communications unlimited plan from Rogers Communications. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Rogers Communications to issue a partial refund.

The most disappointing in user's experience was poor customer retention and price plans way to high. Author liked the most cell reception. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

Also, this reviewer considered the following company: Bell Canada. We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Rogers Communications for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.

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Since the Samsung S6 costs $1000, and the fact that you probably paid less then $200 up front, you have to figure the cost of the phone has to come out of the month to month plan cost. Do you think Rogers pays nothing for the phones?

I work in a phone sales depot. It always amazes me how customers think that their $1000 phone doesn't cost anything. You could have kept your old plan and your old phones and paid less.

The CRTC said you can only have a contract for 2 years. The phone is worth $1000.

You paid $200 up front. The rest of the $800 has to be divided over the 24 months.

When we could finance the phones for 3 years we had 36 months to pay for them and the tab was spread out and the cost of the plan was lower.

I am not defending Rogers, I am simply explaining why your plan costs more when you buy a very expensive phone.

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