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Dear Rogers Communications,

You have made a number of huge mistakes.

1. Assuming you can continue charging someone for a service after a contract expires as if it is still in effect under the same terms. I honestly don't care what the fine print says about placing the onus on the customer to declare the end of that service. When a contract expires, a contract expires.

2. Although I should have paid closer attention to my bill when I continued paying for a service for a year after that contract expired, your refund of three months on a service which you have a clear record that I had not used it for an entire year after the contract expired is an insult to your customer.

3. Expecting to be able to charge for a service after a customer declares they don't want to continue the contract after it expires is just another expression of corruption and thievery on your behalf.

You can continue to phone me and you can continue to send bills which you can continue to add more and more charges to, but I will happily let you spend thousands trying to collect what I don't owe you.

I must say though, that after finding myself in this entirely ridiculous situation with you, it is no wonder that your reputation with customers stands at the bottom of the heap of satisfaction.


A Former Customer

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada #810832

Yet Rogers is still the biggest.. to bad for you, you have no legal recourse..

you signed the contract..

you pay the bill.. be a responsible adult.

to teemu #810889

Yet, you're apparently too much of an *** to understand that when a contract expires, there is no obligation to pay any bills because there shouldn't be any more bills. Next time, try to be a responsible adult and make an effort to try to understand what you don't before opening your mouth and making yourself look foolish.

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