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I just joined rogers because my basic cable channels kept getting chopped.

I thought oh well I might as well get the box to fix the problem.

The techy came was very nice put the box in, now when I am watching a program

It shuts off and starts booting up .What the heck is that all about?

Does this mean I am a prisoner to this *** new technology? Now I have no say .

What can I do now it is most frustrating.

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Brampton, Ontario, Canada #1200369

Can anybody explain to me how pay as you go phone cards work.

Rogers told me after my 2 year contract is up they will charge me more for my old people phone..

My phone is a basic flip top ,i only use the phone part oh and the camera .I dont text .I dont use call waiting or any other fancy gadget . It does take messages my present bill is 32. to 37.00

dollars a month.I can use the charge card for 100.00 a year.

sounds like a better deal?



Get an aerial antenna and don't pay anything to these crookes

Stratford, Ontario, Canada #1156123

....well i fixed it with rogers because after the problems my bill went to 250. to to 200 to a steady 180.

which was still too much for basic cable .

So finally i was told that cable will be old hat soon. i switched to getting all my news and all movies free of charge thru my computer. still am under contract with rogers for two years but i kept unlimited internet and my bill after much argument with toronto rogers head office is suppose to come down to 140.

amonth. If it is anymore than that or creeps up over the two years contract .I will just get rid of all of it and go back to reading newspapers for $1.50 aday///After all as i said before i am an old bird and i wont mind old school.

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