Last night I returned home to a paint sprayed lawn and a letter rolled-up on our door handle. As soon as I saw the paint spray lines I already had a good idea what was happening, but the letter confirmed it.

HTS (Hermes Technical Services) left a letter notifying us that they intend to dig under my driveway to "repair/replace" the service line. They are performing this job on behalf of Rogers, and not for our benefit but our neighbours.

Less than two years ago, the exact same work was performed. Only then I was not informed by the company - they simply showed up and told us they had to run a new line for our neighbours. When I saw the crew, I walked outside and spoke with the person in charge.

I have worked landscaping and know quite a bit about grading, site preparation and paving (both asphalt and stone). I have worked with companies and worked with crews on hundreds of driveway jobs alone.

I communicated my concerns about what seemed to be a job that was going to inevitably produce damage to my driveway. The person in charge handed me their card and told me if anything happened to contact them.

A few months after they had carried out the work, I started to notice cracks in the exact area where they had tunneled underneath my driveway to run the service line. When I tried to contact the person, the number was no longer in service.

So that's the backstory in nutshell, and now, near or around two years from when the first service line work was carried and caused damage to my driveway, HTS wants to perform the same work.

So last night, after reading through the letter, I contacted HTS yesterday and left a message.

I then proceeded to contact Rogers and spoke with Lisa of their service department (reference number of the call C72283610). After speaking with her on the phone for twenty minutes, she told me she was escalating this with their service manager.

So earlier today, HTS called wanting to speak to me about my concerns. I called them back and they essentially ignored my concerns, and in a roundabout way told me they are going to go ahead with the work as per Rogers instructions.

At this stage, I have a contractor that hears but doesn't listen to homeowners with valid concerns, and a supposed complaint logged with Rogers with no assurance anyone is even going to arrive on site to inspect the damage to my driveway from the previous work performed. As it is, I'm on the hook for the existing damage to my driveway as the previous contractor is nowhere to be found, and HTS told me to take up the problem with the city.

So Rogers hires these contractors, they cause damage to people's personal property, and then when damage occurs, they not only disappear, but it seems Rogers hires new contractors who ignore homeowners concerns.

At this point, I am livid at the way both HTS and Rogers is handling this matter.

Why does a less than 2 year old service line have to be repaired/replaced again?

I have attached with this post a photo of the crack damage that was left behind from the last "service line" repair/replacement.

Anyone experience anything like this? Any suggestions? I am so appalled by the way our property has been treated by these incompetent contractors that I refuse to allow them to perform the same work which caused damaged once before.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rogers Communications Technical Support.

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I had the same problem. ...showed up to put a line under my newly paved driveway....said it would be no problem going the entire length under driveway...

Came home from work and found they had cut a hole in middle of driveway and filled it with asphalt! ...needless to say it sunk over a few months and feat of the area is cracking. Grrr.

...they don't care about home owners property. ...


@ James. Actually some do care since it's happened to them as well. If you think it's OK for a telecom giant to come and damage your property....then I'll send them right over.

North Bay, Ontario, Canada #661410

Noone cares... stop being a cry baby.. :zzz

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