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I purchased the Rogers Stick in November with a one year contract. In the contract it states you can return in 30 days if not satisfied.

The first 30 days the Stick was fine. On day 31 the Stick somehow became faulty? When I would connect I could stay connected for between 10 seconds & 2 mins. Finally a couple of times between then & yesterday I was able to connect for a period of approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

It was rare & the plight of connection remained on going until yesterday when finally the Rogers Stick began a full fledged malfunction. The computer I used said the device was malfunctioning. Just to make sure, I tried the Rogers Stick in a number of other computers which came back with the same message. Last night I called Hi Speed Tech suuport (that's who deals with the issue of malfunctioning Rogers Sticks).

I spoke with a CSR for over an hour. After going through the simple steps of what I had done already on my own before calling them, The CSR (smater than me I'm sure). Told me the Rogers Stick needed to be replaced. (I didn't know this already!) Anyway he told me to go to one of the Rogers Store outlets & they would test the Rogers Stick to find out was the SIM or the Stick itself.

He said they would replace either one or both. Today January 18, 2009 I went to the Rogers Plus Store at 333 Bloor St. East in Toronto where I made the original purchase & agreement. There are 2 counters there.

I approached the first & was told to go to another, I did. Then I was told to see someone 2 feet away just beside where I was standing. The counter is a circle. If you're not on the right spot of the circle then you won't be in the right section to get help!

Anyway after doing the humiliating dance of who would dominate...I was greeted with "what's the problem?" I explained again in full detail the issue at hand. I was told "you have to call customer service Tech support to deal with this we don't deal with that here & we don't accept exchanges after 30 days". Then I was told "we don't test the Rogers Stick here either" well I wondered to myself...what do you do here? They were kind enough to allow me to call the Tech support dept from their free phone line & they even dialed it for me!

Wow! big score...someone actually moved. After waiting over 20 minutes because of a higher than normal call volume, I was placed on hold four different times & transferred to four different depts. Finally I got someone in shipping whom was totally baffled as to why I was connected to them?

"I don't know I said I'm just waiting for service". This person was cordial & helpful in redirecting my call to the correct dept. I again for the sixth time this day went through the issue. I was told that even though I had purchased the Rogers Stick in Good Faith at that store the Tech centre would have to make an new order to have one mailed out to me within 5-6 business days.

What! well here it is. I asked that my account be credited for the inconvenience of the past 2 months of connection problems & for the time it will take to replace the Rogers Stick! I am pissed!!!

I bought the Stick in Good Faith & the least Mr. Rogers could do is sell a functional product to do what they claim it can, replace it in the store "that's what stores are for" credit my account for the consideration of the issues I have faced & stop taking the public for a ride with his rediculus pricing! Yes Mr. are rich I am poor...however you are not the only service out there!

I will be moving on as I have with my phone as of today I switched to another company & paid the penalty! Why was it worth it?

because I am the consumer that Demands respect! I no longer use your cable either, & soon I will not be using your Stick...You know Where You Can Stick IT!

Sincerely, Elizabeth

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Your experience is almost exactly the same as mine. I bought the extended warranty.

The store said go through Rogers Support; Rogers support said go through the store! I like the Stick, but they seem to overheat or break.

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