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I ordered a phone from rogers after breaking my previous phone, after explaining to the person on the phone that I needed it for work and I do renovations on houses being put on the market, thus loosing between 1400-1600 daily, I needed a phone as soon as possible. Gave the man my information and was guaranteed delivery to my house within 24 hours via UPS. 24 hours later though, I called rogers asking about the estimated time of arrival and the person named Dallas told me that I had been lied too, they take 3-5 business days, and as this is Saturday, I would have to wait a week. now taking nearly 10 thousand dollars out of my pocket. and as I am on a contract I cannot simply just go to another cell phone provider.

There is a reason everyone is switching away from rogers and going to other companies such as Telus and Koodo. They actually understand what customer service is about and understand that when being dishonest with customers does not help with continued business.

Monetary Loss: $9800.

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Kitchener, Ontario, Canada #856638

Dude. You're an ***.

Just buy yourself a new phone so you don't lose more money. Surely, even an expensive brand new premium phone is tops: $800. An $800 loss is way less than your claimed loss of $1400-$1600 daily. Just go buy a phone, or have a backup one at the ready if the loss of your phone would colst you so much.

You are bad at business if you let Rogers poor customer service (which it certainly is very poor, almost always) cost you so much.


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